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Digital project manager


Development of websites and pages: the Digital project manager draws up the requirements, establishes the technical specifications, validates the editorial line and the production plan of the web materials to be developed for the clients. He precisely estimates the means and the working time necessary for each project and each phase of the project (development, media production, technical tests…). He presents the specifications in the form of recommendations.

Web media campaigns: he/she defines together with the agency and the Brand Managers the campaigns to be deployed on digital platforms, from planning to execution, including content. He/she measures the performance of these campaigns using appropriate and quantitative tools and reports to the Brand managers.

Web media management: he/she defines the content to be put online in collaboration with the Brand managers and implements the animation plan for web materials (websites, newsletters, internal communication, pages, social networks, etc.) in order to make them effective points of contact for the brand with its targets. He manages the performance of the materials and optimizes their referencing. He/she supervises the technical teams to ensure that the content posted is in line with the brands strategy and the client’s objectives. He/she regularly reports on mentions of the brand in the various digital channels and manages its reputation.

Social media management: he/she is responsible for the various initiatives related to social networks. He/she shares best practices in this area thanks to a permanent competitive watch. He/she ensures that the activities are consistent with the rest of the digital strategy and the general communication strategy. He/she supervises the proper implementation of the editorial planning and monitors the results through predefined performance indicators.

Management: The Digital project manager coordinates the various internal and external teams to ensure the smooth running of projects in terms of deadlines and budgets. He/she manages both the internal technical and marketing teams (computer graphics, community managers, etc.) as well as external service providers (web agency, hosting companies, suppliers, etc.). He/she is the main interface regarding digital. He/she is the main interface for digital issues and is a source of ideas for new actions.

Monitoring: The digital project manager is always well informed of the news and developments related to his or her job and exploits the trends in the context of his or her recommendations for action.

Duties and tasks

  • Strengthen the capacities of the Kirène Group in digital communication through innovative proposals for the exploitation of all web and mobile communication channels;
  • From the problems previously identified, develop relevant digital communication offers (web and mobile);
  • Based on the briefs received by the Brand managers, identify the digital or mobile communication opportunities to be proposed to them to meet the marketing and communication objectives and write recommendations in this sense;
  • Ensure that web and mobile campaigns are in line with the brands’ strategies and charter;
  • Plan and supervise GK campaigns on the web and social networks;
  • Propose optimal budget allocations for efficient communication on social networks, web and mobile;
  • Keep informed and inform internal teams on the latest trends and developments in digital communication, in a form and frequency to be proposed;
  • Monitor the presence of brands on the web and the e-reputation of their brands through regular reporting;
  • Supervise the Community managers (internal and agency) in order to ensure coherence between the global discourse of the brand and its discourse on the web, social and mobile media;
  • Implement a competitive intelligence on the web and social networks;
  • Develop and manage internal digital communication tools (website, SEO, social networks, blogs…);
  • Supervise the optimal use of the intranet and IT tools for internal collaboration;
  • Monitor and verify the adequacy of creative developments for digital campaigns;
  • Draw up the specifications, the schedule of achievements and establish the costing of the proposed digital campaigns;
  • Calculate the return on investment and analyze the effectiveness of Web campaigns;
  • Make a regular reporting of the activities to the Marketing/Com department: weekly progress report, monthly report, quarterly report;
  • Manage, supervise and train any person under his/her supervision;
  • Continuously research web, brand, mobile and new trends that may be of interest to the agency and its clients;
  • Identify potential clients through commercial prospecting and ensure the development of the client portfolio by developing relevant digital offers.


  • Understanding and familiarity with the technologies and standards related to all web services.
  • Proficiency with web tools in general (social networks, search engine optimization, media buying, monitoring and measurement methods, consumer research…);
  • Good knowledge of the marketing and communication environment, understanding of brand’s strategy and how it is defined;
  • Relevance and originality of the proposed digital actions;
  • Excellent general understanding and interest in current events and new trends;
  • Proven managerial skills to lead, recruit and federate diverse profiles and work in symbiosis with all other departments of the agency and the client’s teams as well as external service providers;
  • Creativity and great curiosity;
  • High level of autonomy to lead, coordinate and conduct a project;
  • Excellent internal and external interpersonal skills;
  • Level of rigor and reactivity / proactivity;
  • Sense of innovation and strategic thinking;
  • Open-mindedness and flexibility.