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Groupe Kirène > News > Dive into the world of Pepsi with the “PEPSIL SA LIFE” launch campaign!
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Dive into the world of Pepsi with the “PEPSIL SA LIFE” launch campaign!

Pepsi continues its launch in Senegal with a large-scale musical campaign consisting of an album, a video clip, an advertising spot, spectacular posters and several capsules with its muse DIP who launches motivational messages to the youth.

The brand brings together the young Senegalese music scene to create the album #Pepsi221 whose DIP hit “For the the love of it” is number 1 on Apple Music.
5 songs of the album are also in the top 10 of Deezer! A great success for this beginning of the campaign!

The album is available on the platforms Dezeer, Deedo, Spotify and on the Youtube channel Pepsi Senegal! Watch the video clip “For the the love of it” featuring the Pepsi generation with our muse Dip Doundou Guiss on local TV channels TFM, 2STV, SENTV and TRACE URBAN!

Posters including spectacular panels are also spread everywhere in Dakar and in the regions! Pepsi is also currently on the radio: RFM / VIBES RADIO/ TRACE FM as well as regional radios.
To discover the campaign “Pepsil sa life”, follow us on the digital pages Pepsi Senegal!

There will be many surprises and challenges!